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    • 8 minutes ago

    MSci Chemistry and Biochemistry

    University of Southampton
    Southampton, United Kingdom

    Introducing your course Our expert staff will help you to develop in-depth knowledge of core topics such as physical chemistry, genetics and physiology while gaining extensive l...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2020 0 0 University of Southampton
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    • 6 minutes ago

    MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare

    Canterbury Christ Church University
    Canterbury, United Kingdom

    Healthcare organisations are asking more and more from their leaders and managers in order to be able to meet the demands of an increasingly complex healthcare context. The MBA in ...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Sep 01, 2019 0 0 Canterbury Christ Church University
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    Medical Genetics And Genomics Msc(Medsci)

    University of Glasgow
    Glasgow, United Kingdom

    This is a fully up-to-date Medical Genetics degree delivered by dedicated, multi-award-winning teaching and clinical staff of the University, with considerable input from hospit...

    Deadline: Jul 21, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Sep 01, 2020 0 0 University of Glasgow
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    • 23 hours ago

    Synthetic Biology MSc

    Newcastle University
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    This course provides you with a balance of molecular biology, engineering, computing and modelling skills necessary for a career in synthetic biology. Computational design of biolo...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Sep 01, 2019 0 0 Newcastle University
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    Ph.D. in Biomedical Science

    University of Connecticut Health Center
    Farmington, United States

    The goal of the Ph.D. graduate program in Biomedical Science at UConn Health is to educate individuals dedicated to pursuing careers as scientists and scholars in biological and bi...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2020 0 0 University of Connecticut Health Center
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    • 2 days ago

    Neuroscience with Cognitive Science (research placement) MSci

    University of Sussex
    Brighton, United Kingdom

    A-levels must include at least one from Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology. Where applicants are taking a science subject that has the separate science pra...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2022 0 0 University of Sussex
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    BS in Human Biology

    Cleveland University-Kansas City
    Overland Park, United States

    Want to become a health coach, physical therapy assistant, or a dentist? Human biology degrees help start health care careers and many more. CU-KC’s pre-allied health coursework fo...

    0 0 Cleveland University-Kansas City
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    Master Health Wellness Coaching

    Maryland University of Integrative Health
    Laurel, United States

    Students who complete this program will be able to: Apply health and wellness coaching skills in a variety of practice settings including hospitals, clinics, health educational fa...

    0 0 Maryland University of Integrative Health
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    MA Sport & Performance Psychology

    University of Denver
    Denver, United States

    The University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP), with its history of pioneering innovative training in psychology, offers a Master of Arts degree in Spor...

    0 0 University of Denver
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    B.S. in Health Sciences

    Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
    St. Louis, United States

    The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences will prepare students for immediate entry into a health profession or progression into the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The bachelor’s deg...

    0 0 Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
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    • 1 minute ago

    Athletic Training Education Program

    Lee University
    Cleveland, United States

    The NEW Master degree is accepting applicants for the Summer 2018 cohort. This application process is on a rolling admission cycle. Early admission is January 1, 2018. The master d...

    Deadline: Jun 21, 2018 Starts: Sep 23, 2018
    0 0 Lee University
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    Gerontology M.H.S.

    Concordia University - Nebraska
    Seward, United States

    As a society, we're living longer. The elderly population is rapidly increasing, and professionals skilled at working with this growing population are in high demand. If you’re int...

    0 0 Concordia University - Nebraska
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    • 1 minute ago

    Tropical Plant Science & Agroecology, BA

    University of Hawaii - Hilo
    Hilo, United States

    The Tropical Plant Science & Agroecology specialization is designed to provide an opportunity for students Interested in tropical crop science or a plant-related field to have acce...

    0 0 University of Hawaii - Hilo
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    Accelerated Doctor of Psychoanalysis (Psya.D.)

    Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
    Brookline, United States

    The accelerated Doctor of Psychoanalysis (Psya.D.) degree provides the opportunity for already certified psychoanalysts to earn a doctoral degree in psychoanalysis through distance...

    0 0 Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
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    • 5 months ago

    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

    University of Missouri
    Kansas City, United States

    A specialized degree as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) allows you to provide a full range of psychiatric services to patients. Our graduates work in outpat...

    0 0 University of Missouri
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    Biological Sciences Associate in Science

    Community College of Beaver County
    Monaca, United States

    Graduates will be able to Effectively utilize the scientific method and to critically analyze scientific literature to address a biological question. Acquire a broad-based fundam...

    0 0 Community College of Beaver County
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    Molecular Biosciences, Ph.D.

    Middle Tennessee State University
    Murfreesboro, United States

    The Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. interdisciplinary program focuses on the study of biological problems at the molecular level using chemical, computational, mathematical, physical, ...

    0 0 Middle Tennessee State University
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    BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation Science (with sandwich placement)

    University of Cumbria
    Ambleside, United Kingdom

    With growing rates of extinction and a big loss of biodiversity, the demand for professional conservationists has never been higher. If you have a passion for helping protect wildl...

    0 0 University of Cumbria
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    • 1 minute ago

    Surgical Technology

    Greenville Technical College
    Greenville, United States

    Under the supervision of a surgeon, surgical technologists assist in the set-up of an operating room with sterile instruments, equipment and linens. During surgery, they are respon...

    0 0 Greenville Technical College
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    • 5 days ago

    BSc Medical Genetics

    Swansea University
    Swansea, United Kingdom

    Medical Genetics is making an enormous impact in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Knowledge obtained from sequencing the human genome is allowing researchers to unders...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2021 0 0 Swansea University
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    • 5 days ago

    Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major

    UC San Diego
    La Jolla, United States

    This major is designed to provide students with the fundamental courses required for entry into a school of medicine or into post graduate training in a wide variety of areas of bi...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2020 0 0 UC San Diego
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    Physical Education AS

    North Hennepin Community College
    Brooklyn Park, United States

    This program will provide students with transferable first and second year courses typically required for such a degree, and allow successful students to enter baccalaureate instit...

    0 0 North Hennepin Community College
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    Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice

    National University of Health Sciences
    Lombard, United States

    The Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice (MSACP) is an advanced degree designed for first-professional health care providers including, DCs, NDs, MDs, and DOs. Offered e...

    0 0 National University of Health Sciences
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    Bachelor of Science Health Information Management

    Western Governors University - Washington
    Salt Lake City, United States

    Our online health informatics degree will give you a tremendous advantage. The B.S. in Health Informatics combines concepts in healthcare, information technology, and leadership pr...

    0 0 Western Governors University - Washington
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    Medical Assistant

    Mt. Hood Community College
    Gresham, United States

    A medical assistant is an allied health professional that supports the services and care provided to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. They perform routine clinical and...

    0 0 Mt. Hood Community College