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Financial aid

DIT recognises that some students may face financial difficulties during their time at college and a number of assistance schemes are in place to support such students.  These schemes are co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020 .

These funds cannot be used for the purposes of registration or tuition fees.  The funding is available to full time registered DIT students and certain part-time registered students*.  This scheme is designed to help those in severe financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances or students who are disadvantaged and require additional financial support to continue their third-level studies.

*This year, in line with the National Access Plan, the HEA has made funding available to certain part-time students.  General criteria for this scheme is available on  Part-time students, who meet the National Access Plan criteria may apply for most schemes currently available to full time students.  All applications are subject to the DIT Student Assistance criteria.  You can contact the FAA Office if you have any queries at 01 2205066.  Part-time students must be registered on a major award programme from Levels 6 to 9 on the NFQ.  Students registered on part-time professional development programmes are not eligible to apply. 

Please download Part Time - Students Assistance Fund 2018/19 for the application form.

There are several assistance schemes under the Student Assistance Fund listed below;

Terms & conditions and opening and closing dates vary according to the scheme;

Students who are not entitled to a SUSI grant may apply for The Student Assistance Fund subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme;

Students who are registered as International Students are not eligible for to apply for HEA Student Assistance schemes;

Students are entitled to appeal an application decision, the SAF Appeal form is available here SAF Appeals Policy 2016

Please call 01 2205066 or email if you require any help or assistance when completing your application form. Your local DITSU representatives on campus and the staff at the Student Services office (Aungier St and Bolton St) will also be able to assist you.

Further information on the Student Assistance Fund is available on the HEA website, Click here for SAF Guidelines.

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Financial aid


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