Social Media RSS Feed en UCSF Regulatory T Cell Group Specialist <p>DESCRIPTION</p> <p>The Diabetes Center is seeking an Assistant or Associate Specialist. In this position, you will lead cell therapy process development for the UCSF Regulatory T Cell Group. You will develop and improve the manufacturing process for regulatory T cell based cellular therapies in preparation for first-in-human clinical trials at UCSF. This job will require daily hands-on laboratory work with human T cells and creativity in solving problems that arise during product development. As the group grows, you will have supervisory responsibility for other scientists.</p> <p>Translation of preclinical advances into cellular therapy treatments requires a team approach and you will need to be an effective communicator and a team player. You will work closely with basic scientists, physicians, experts in quality assurance, and experts in regulatory affairs to optimize each step in cell therapy manufacturing. The end goal is to develop or improve the GMP-compliant manufacturing process of cell therapy products and then hand off that process to a clinical GMP laboratory for clinical scale manufacturing. You will also participate in GMP manufacturing as needed. Please see for more information about our group.</p> <p> </p> <p>Required Qualificatons:<br /> • Specialists appointed at the Assistant or Associate rank must possess at minimum a master’s degree (or equivalent degree) in immunology or a related field or at least 5 years of experience in a relevant field. <br /> • At least 2 years of experience in an immunology laboratory<br /> • Experience performing flow cytometry</p> <p> </p> <p>Preferred Qualficatons:<br /> • Masters or PhD degree in cellular immunology<br /> • Experience with T cell isolation and manipulation<br /> • Experience with cellular therapy or biologic drug development<br /> • Understanding of basic GMP requirements in drug manufacturing</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 09:09 1349887 1349887 Operations Project Manager <p>Our team is looking to add an Operations Project Manager to oversee the planning and timely delivery of operations projects. You will be responsible for the integrated project timelines and timely delivery of design and development of systems, processes, and facilities. The ideal candidate will ensure a successful transition of new systems and processes into<br /> production. You will obsess over planning, coordination, and simplifying complex problems to a critical path. You will lead and influence cross-functional teams of internal and external subject matter experts.</p> <p>Who we are</p> <p>Since 2006, 23andMe’s mission has been to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. We are a group of passionate individuals pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to help turn genetic insight into better health and personal understanding.</p> <p>What you’ll do</p> <p>Drive operations programs through project completion within time, cost, and quality constraints.</p> <p>Lead project team meetings, drive cross-functional communication and decision making, and ensure alignment with internal and external stakeholders.</p> <p>Establish and maintain cross-functional, integrated project plans and schedules.</p> <p>Actively monitor and control project execution.</p> <p>Communicate project status to stakeholders and proactively inform management of issues and risks.</p> <p>Identify and implement solutions to improve tracking, planning and collaboration</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 09:00 1351379 1351379 Research Associate, Department of Biological Sciences <p>Position Overview</p> <p>The Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science invites applications for a Research Associate. This Full-time Fixed Term position is for approximately 12 months (based on length of grant funding), with the possibility of extension.</p> <p>The Research Associate will report to the PI. The research is part of an industry-sponsored contract requiring the timely completion of specific experimental objectives. The Research Associate will be expected to work full-time hours (35 hours per week). Flexibility in working hours is desired as evening and weekend work may be required depending on the nature of the research underway.<br />  <br /> The primary purpose of this position is to work on a project aimed at optimizing the de novo production of high-value plant metabolites in microorganisms through a combination of (i) novel gene discovery, (ii) substitution with empirically superior gene variants, (iii) rational evolution of recalcitrant enzymes, and (iv) protein fusions to mimic native pathway architecture. The Research Associate will be responsible for (i) the construction of microbial expression vectors, (ii) the construction of recombinant microbial strains, and (iii) the testing of engineered enzymes in recombinant microorganisms strains using molecular, biochemical and chemical analysis. The individual will utilize selected laboratory equipment and various reagents typically found in a metabolic biochemistry and synthetic biology laboratory.</p> <p> </p> <p>Position Description</p> <p>Summary of Key Responsibilities (job functions include but are not limited to):</p> <p>Technical</p> <p>Design and construct microbial expression vectors. </p> <p>Design and construct recombinant microbial strains.</p> <p>Conduct the molecular, biochemical and chemical analysis of recombinant microbial strains.</p> <p>Work both collaboratively and independently, as defined by the Principal Investigator, on laboratory experiments, data analysis and data interpretation as needed.</p> <p>Conduct on-line literature searches as necessary to support scientific research activities.</p> <p>Interact with other members of the team and provide technical support and offer advice on technical lab issues as needed.</p> <p> </p> <p>Reporting & Publications</p> <p>Maintain lab notebook by tracking results and findings in accurate and timely manner.</p> <p>Provide up-to-date information on past, present and future laboratory experiments as required by the sponsor of the contracted research.</p> <p>Participate in lab meetings on an as required basis reporting on progress made, issues arising and results obtained</p> <p>Safety and Environment</p> <p>Ensure the safe and reliable operation, and proper use of all laboratory equipment.</p> <p>Ensures that supervisor is kept informed of activities, findings, and progress of work.</p> <p>Perform other duties, as assigned by Research Supervisor.</p> <p> </p> <p>Qualifications / Requirements:</p> <p>Ph.D. in molecular biology and/or biochemistry required.</p> <p>Postdoctoral research experience in molecular biology and/or biochemistry preferred.</p> <p>Demonstrated experience in accurate record keeping and reporting of research findings.</p> <p>Strong analytical, organizational, time-management and problem-solving skills.</p> <p>Strong communication skills (written and oral) and team work capabilities, while at the same time being able to work independently as may be required.</p> <p>Willingness to perform any administrative and other duties associated with the research project, of an occasional nature, which may be assigned by Research Supervisor.</p> <p>Experience in using the suite of Microsoft Office programs (or equivalent).</p> <p>Experience in literature searching, including libraries, web sites and other media.</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 09:00 1351801 1351801 Senior Research Scientist - Functional Genomics <p>As a Senior Research Scientist in the Functional Genomics (FGX) team in Cambridge, UK, you’ll play a pivotal role in enabling our scientific capabilities to make a positive impact on changing patients’ lives.</p> <p>The Functional Genomics (FGX) team, within Discovery Sciences, is responsible for the identification of novel target hypothesis through the perturbation of disease relevant systems and driving AstraZeneca’s clinical pipeline. To achieve this, we have been developing and applying advanced CRISPR/Cas technologies as well as a number of different small molecule and protein libraries. We have an exciting new opportunity in the AstraZeneca UK Functional Genomics team, providing the chance to join a dynamic environment focused on the identification and validation of drug targets for different therapeutic areas. The role will report directly into the AZ Head of Functional Genomics with the postholder contributing to the wider AZ Functional Genomics group science and strategy. </p> <p>As part of a creative and multi-disciplinary team you will have the opportunity to continuously develop and improve current functional genomics approaches to maintain scientific excellence. You will present data to key stakeholders internally and achieve external scientific transparency through oral presentations and peer-reviewed publications. You will also work and interact with our global community and high profile external collaborators.</p> <p>You will be embedded in the Discovery Sciences Biotech Unit and join a community of scientists with broad technological expertise dedicated to drug discovery. They will become integral member of early drug discovery projects at AstraZeneca.</p> <p>We are looking for an applicant with strong molecular biology expertise, knowledge of functional genomics approaches for target identification and validation and a real passion for drug discovery and science. At AstraZeneca we work together to provide medicines that make a real difference in patient care. That’s why we've invested in a new research centre and corporate headquarters at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (UK). A place with a visionary and collaborative culture, where you'll feel valued and rewarded for your ideas and contributions.</p> <p>ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS</p> <p>Ph.D in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology or a related discipline</p> <p>Expertise in a range of cell biology techniques, to include cloning, transfection methods, gene expression knock-down (CRISPR/Cas9 and RNAi), endogenous gene tagging and rescue experiments.</p> <p>Expertise in development, manipulation and genetic engineering of more advanced cell models applied to phenotypic screening using small molecule, genetic and protein libraries</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 08:53 1350899 1350899 Laboratory Technician III - Virology <p>Overview</p> <p>Performs assays according to testing records and in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and/or Points to Consider (PTC) guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Completes test methods and other required documentation and performs laboratory maintenance duties according to GLP, cGMP, CFR and/or PTC guidelines and SOPs.</p> <p> </p> <p>Responsibilities</p> <p>Maintain cell cultures in accordance to SOPs and testing records</p> <p>Conduct assays and lab procedures as outlined in testing record and regulatory guidelines.</p> <p>Accurately complete testing records and other required documentation according to WuXi’s Good Documentation Practices</p> <p>Performs assays using appropriate laboratory techniques.</p> <p>Reports observations of ongoing tests to Technical Reviewer or Laboratory Manager.</p> <p>Communicates with supervisor and other colleagues daily lab activities.</p> <p>Prepare reagents and re-stock labs with supplies.</p> <p>Maintaining equipment’s cleaning logs.</p> <p>Aid in the training of new employees.</p> <p>Maintain equipment logs and initiate Change Controls.</p> <p>Collaborate with other departments on projects</p> <p>Peer review of test methods</p> <p>Evaluate and amend SOPs</p> <p>Have knowledge of regulatory guidences and comprehension of the assays</p> <p>Maintain, passaging and seeding cells</p> <p>Train on departmental assays such as in vitro, detection, retroviral, RCA assays</p> <p>Execute more complicated assays such as titrations, RCL, PCR, ELISAs, rcAAV</p> <p>Initiate and write nonconformance and laboratory investigations</p> <p>Participate in R&D projects and assay validations</p> <p>Perform testing in BSL2+ laboratory</p> <p> Works on routine assignments per written procedures, where ability to recognize deviation from accepted practice is required.</p> <p>Normally receives minimal instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on new assignments.</p> <p>Works under close supervision from supervisor or senior personnel.</p> <p>Ability to work in a team environment and independently as required</p> <p>Maybe required to work Holidays and weekends</p> <p>Maybe required to work Overtime</p> <p>Contributes to the overall operations and to the achievement of departmental goals</p> <p>Perform job specific tasks in compliance with applicable Regulations, International Standards, and WuXi AppTec Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.</p> <p>Thorough understanding of Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices</p> <p>Other duties as assigned</p> <p>May be required to assist in other departments</p> <p> </p> <p>Qualifications</p> <p>Experience / Education   </p> <p>2-3 years of relevant experience or equivalent</p> <p>Bachelors’ degree in Biological Sciences or other Science related field or equivalent experience</p> <p> </p> <p>Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:</p> <p>Previous Laboratory experience with emphasis on cell biology and/or virology.</p> <p>PCR and ELISA experience is desired</p> <p>Proficient in Oral & Written communication skills</p> <p>Need to be able to read, write and understand English</p> <p>Proficient in Microsoft (Excel, Word, Outlook)</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 08:48 1349511 1349511 Associate Scientist <p><strong>Overview</strong></p> <p>Performs and directs assays according to and in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and/or Points to Consider (PTC) guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Sufficiently competent in science to initiate and carry out scientific development projects related to the development of new assays, initiation of new programs, assay validations and associated projects.  Schedules and directs assays under the supervision of the Technical Reviewer.  Assists with training junior staff members.  Performs Research & Development activities and acts as Technical Reviewer as required.  Assists supervisor with day-to-day lab management duties.  Correctly analyzes scientific data with accuracy and precision.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Responsibilities</strong></p> <p>Demonstrates scientific technical expertise.</p> <p>Effectively communicates and defends science through written and verbal communication.</p> <p>Presents technical seminars and provides training on areas of technical expertise and compliance issues relevant to the lab setting.</p> <p>Reviews and signs lab notebooks</p> <p>Conducts and directs assays and lab procedures according to and in compliance with cGMP, CFR and/or PTC guidelines and SOPs.</p> <p>Accurately completes batch records and other required documentation according to and in compliance with cGMP, CFR and/or PTC guidelines and SOPs.</p> <p>Contributes independently to overall scientific rigor through objective laboratory investigation.</p> <p>Demonstrates proficiency in scientific theory and rigorous practical application in the completion of lab procedures.</p> <p>Conducts critical review of results and reports data to Technical Reviewer or supervisor.</p> <p>As assigned by Management, acts as Technical Reviewer for specific assays and assumes all associated responsibilities.</p> <p>Independently initiates and carries out scientific development projects relating to the development of new assays.</p> <p>Trains new personnel in lab procedures.</p> <p>Effectively interacts with clients as required.</p> <p>Performs Research & Development activities as required.</p> <p>Maintains laboratory notebook and follows all general and laboratory SOPs.</p> <p>Performs assays using appropriate laboratory techniques for lab group assigned to.</p> <p>Communicates with supervisor and other colleagues re: daily lab activities</p> <p>Provides operational support for Molecular Biology activities including (Ex. media/buffer preparation, cleaning activities, and equipment/materials staging/ Aseptic Technique).</p> <p>Works on routine assignments per written procedures, where ability to recognize deviation from accepted practice is required.</p> <p>Normally receives minimal instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on new assignments.</p> <p>Works with supervisor to schedule lab work</p> <p>Ability to work in a team environment and independently as required</p> <p>May be required to work Holidays and weekends</p> <p>Contributes to the overall operations and to the achievement of departmental goals</p> <p>Perform job specific tasks in compliance with applicable Regulations, International Standards, and WuXi AppTec Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.</p> <p>Thorough understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices</p> <p>Other duties as assigned</p> <p>May be required to assist in other departments</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Qualifications</strong></p> <p>Experience / Education   </p> <p>A minimum of 3 years’ experience with a Master’s degree with major in Biological Sciences or science related major or equivalent training and/or experience; or a minimum of 5 years with a Bachelor’s degree with commensurate experience.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:</strong></p> <p>Specialized training in laboratory techniques used in assigned laboratory is required.</p> <p>Knowledge of cGMP guidelines is preferred.</p> <p>Ability to use judgment as dictated by complexity of situation.</p> <p>Ability to work under limited supervision and to handle problems of a more difficult nature.</p> <p>Ability to accomplish the described duties through the use of appropriate laboratory equipment (i.e. biohazard hood, centrifuge, incubator, and autoclave) and computer equipment and software. (i.e. Microsoft Word, Outlook).</p> <p>Ability to accurately and reproducibly perform arithmetic calculations including fractions, decimals and percentages and basic algebraic and geometric calculations</p> <p>Clarity of vision at near and mid-ranges (less than 20 feet), depth perception and ability to identify and distinguish colors</p> <p>Proficient in Verbal & Written communication skills</p> <p>Need to be able to read, write and understand English</p> <p>Proficient in Microsoft (Excel, Word, Outlook)</p> <p>No travel is required</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 08:44 1349776 1349776 Post-Doctoral research position in landscape ecotoxicology <p>DESCRIPTION</p> <p>The Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of California Davis seeks to fill a postdoctoral research position in landscape ecotoxicology to contribute to a USDA/UC Davis-funded project to estimating pesticide exposure to bees in agricultural landscapes. The researcher would join the UC Davis Bee Biology group directed by Neal Williams and Elina L. Niño and work closely with collaborators from Sweden’s Lund University and the Institute of the Environment at the University of Minnesota.</p> <p>The project aims to develop and implement a predictive model of bees’ pesticide exposure from detailed, spatially and temporally resolved pesticide use data, spatial explicit land use information and temporally resolved flower resource information. It combines this modelling work with empirical data on bee foraging and pesticide exposure based on bee-collected pollen. Bee-collected pollen is used to identify plant species and quantify pesticide residues to which bees are exposed. Forage plant identity and pesticide residues are used to evaluate the model outcome.</p> <p>The successful candidate will lead the collaborative modelling work, and will help to coordinate the collection of pollen samples and assessment of bee health together with staff from the Davis Bee Biology Group.</p> <p>Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate in ecology, population biology, agroecology, applied mathematics or similar and be able to provide evidence that all requirements have been met for completion of the Ph.D. prior to the effective date of hire. The candidate should have excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to collaborate with and coordinate the efforts of a large team of researchers from different institutions, and a track record of publishing his/her work in scientific journals and presenting to broad audiences. The candidate should also have strong quantitative and computational skills, knowledge of spatial datasets and competence in R, Matlab, Python or similar statistical and modeling languages. Candidate must be willing and able to travel to field sites and must be ok with occasionally working irregular schedule (e.g., evenings, weekends). Previous experience working with bees and pesticide fate modelling, as well as coordinating team projects and leading of field sample collection are desirable but not required.</p> Thu, 12/13/2018 - 08:31 1349309 1349309 Senior Engineer Design Assurance Job <p>We have an exciting opportunity for a Senior Design Assurance Engineer supporting Structural Heart projects within the Interventional Cardiology division. This position supports a major product category with high visibility which will provide the right candidate with excellent growth potential.  Work with high-performance cross-functional development team to establish and maintain the design control and risk analysis required to bring novel technologies into clinical trials and commercialization.   </p> <p> </p> <p> Your responsibilities include:</p> <p>Actively promote and participate in a cross-functional teamwork environment.</p> <p>Leads the implementation and development of product risk management tools (i.e. Hazard Analysis, Fault Tree, FMEAs).</p> <p>Leads/supports the determination and implementation of Design Controls based on Risk Management, Customer Needs, and Manufacturing Input.</p> <p>Leads the development of and coordinate the execution and documentation of Design Validation and Verification activities.</p> <p>Applies sound, systematic problem-solving methodologies in identifying, prioritizing, communicating, and resolving quality issues.</p> <p>Lead/support implementation of reliability program for device implant and materials.</p> <p>Demonstrate good working knowledge and application of validation and statistical techniques in order to comply with associated regulatory requirements and internal standards.</p> <p>Perform regulatory standard assessments and support regulatory submissions to notified bodies.</p> <p>Establish and maintain Design History File and Design Input / Output documentation (Product Specification, Component Specifications, and Prints).</p> <p>Mentor cross functional team through product development process; specifically, with respect to design control and risk management deliverables</p> Wed, 12/12/2018 - 18:15 1349470 1349470 CI Line Lead *Day Shift 6am- 6pm <p>Job Description<br /> - Quality Systems responsibilities include initial quality inspections, facilitation of disposition of Material Review Report. Be the first responder when an issue is identified, lead the root cause and corrective actions for equipment and quality issues and escalate as required.<br /> - Training Systems responsibilities include monitoring of employee training and records, inspection techniques and instruction on task documents.<br /> - Tracking Systems responsibilities include reviewing, closing and releasing work orders.<br /> - Perform random audits throughout the shift verifying that quality checks and processes are being performed properly. Provide feedback to associates as necessary.<br /> - Balances their time on the production line between production needs and CI Line Leader responsibilities. Works on the production line a minimum of 20% of the time.<br /> - Update and monitor accuracy of PVD boards.<br /> - Ensure compliance to all audit requirements and schedules.<br /> - Take responsibility for tracking and allocating resources to close KAS.<br /> - Makes or assists with changes to or the creation of Standard Work Instructions.<br /> - Ensure all team members help create and support all 5S initiatives.<br /> - Proactively work to anticipate problems before they impact production.<br /> - Report attendance, scheduling, and direct resources.<br /> - Champion process improvements, and ensure that changes associated with Continuous Improvement (CI) activities are implemented consistently.</p> Wed, 12/12/2018 - 18:13 1351645 1351645 Business Analyst, Sr - Banner exp required <p>Responsibilities and Requirements</p> <p>The successful candidate will add value by:</p> <p>Working with users in various administrative departments to assess, train and assist with the implementation of administrative software solutions.</p> <p>Consulting with supervisor, systems analysts, programmers, and end users to gather information about: processes, procedures, functions and features; data requirements; internal, external checks and controls.</p> <p>Designing or writing program specifications based on consultations with supervisor, system analysts, programmers, and end users.</p> <p>Converting designs and specifications into PL/SQL, SQL, JAVA, HTML5 code.</p> <p>Possibly compiling code into programs and correcting errors detected during the compile process.</p> <p>Creating test plans and running tests to find errors and confirming that programs meet specifications.</p> <p>Writing and maintaining documentation of changes to computer code, programs, and specifications.</p> <p>Possessing ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, develops process flows and procedure manuals. Additionally, possess the ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customer and the general public.</p> <p>Providing technical assistance by responding to inquiries regarding errors, problems, or questions with programs.</p> <p>Training end users or technical support staff to use and support programs.</p> Wed, 12/12/2018 - 18:12 1349789 1349789