Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health at the University of San Francisco

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program is designed for individuals who want to undertake leadership roles in the public health field. It provides learning that extends beyond the classroom into a city well-known for its progressive approach to community outreach and public health advocacy. It offers students the following features:

- Accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health
- Interprofessional competencies in epidemiology, leadership, management, and policy
- Award-winning faculty from law, nursing, and public health
- Program completion in one year of accelerated study or two years of part-time study

Dual Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Behavioral Health

The Dual Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Behavioral Health program provides a solid knowledge base in public health and additional skills in behavioral health and health education. Students learn how to plan, design, execute, and lead evidence-based community and health care programs.

Program locations

  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
  • Online

Campus locations hold classes one evening per week, alternating between in person and online delivery.

Career opportunities

MPH students graduate with the "marketable competencies" to obtain rewarding positions with the following entities:

- Community based organizations such as community hospitals and maternal and child health agencies
- Government and related agencies including departments of public health, school boards, state task forces, and federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency
- National agencies and intergovernmental groups like the United Nations Development Organization and United States Agency for International Development
- Academic institutions that conduct research in environmental health, epidemiology, public health law, and public policy
- Corporations such as biotech firms and managed care organizations

MPH curricula

The MPH curriculum at the Presidio campus and online consists of 45 credits of coursework. It has courses in a number of fields including biostatistics, community and behavioral health, environmental health, epidemiology, and public health policy and management.

The curriculum at the Sacramento campus, which focuses on policy, leadership, and research, has 42 credits of courses. Advanced coursework is offered in clinical epidemiology, global health policy, leadership, meta-analysis, and public health policy and management.

Both curricula include a capstone seminar and an internship at community agencies, health centers, hospitals, and public health agencies in the Bay Area, Sacramento, across the nation, or other countries.


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