Food Quality and Innovation MSc

University of Leeds
This programme will teach you how to apply project management, industrial experimental design, sensory and quality design techniques to food product development - from concept to product launch. You’ll develop in-depth specialist knowledge of scientific techniques and practical skills in the assessment and control of food quality, food safety, product design and new product development. In addition to industrial monitoring of quality, you will also study industry standard techniques and international standards in quality and safety management, as well as the impact of EU law and legislation on food products. Throughout the programme you will develop an understanding of the underpinning scientific techniques in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics and biology relevant in applications of food science and the food industry. You’ll examine different aspects of the product development process from product conception through to product launch. Through the process you’ll apply principles of project management, industrial experimental design, quality design techniques and sensory science in developing new food products and production processes that integrate consumer needs and expectations ,while at the same time conforming to food legislation, food quality and safety requirements.
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Leeds , United Kingdom

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