Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing


The Chemistry Program at Bard is geared primarily, but not exclusively, toward meeting the needs of students planning to do graduate and/or professional work in a variety of chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering subfields. During their course of study, students receive training in modern methods in chemistry, which include extensive hands-on experience with contemporary instruments and equipment (see “Facilities”). In addition to the core courses, a student typically completes at least two advanced electives in chemistry, biology, mathematics, or physics, according to personal goals.

Before moderating in the program, students should complete (or be enrolled in) Chemistry 141–142 and 201–202, Mathematics 141 and 142, and Physics 141 and 142. Students are expected to follow the standard divisional procedure for Moderation and to fulfill the college-wide distribution and First-Year Seminar requirements.& To graduate, students must successfully complete Chemistry 311, 312, 350, and 360; two electives at the 300 level or higher; and the Senior Project.

Recent Senior Projects in Chemistry

“Development of a microfluidic glucose fuel cell”

“An investigation of the RNA-binding ratios and translation inhibition capacity of hetero- multinuclear complexes”

“Investigation of [2+2] cycloadditions utilizing iridium and ruthenium polypyridyl photoredox catalysts”

“Synthesis and Characterization of bimetalated platinum complexes containing benzothio- phene and functionalized ligands”

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