Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with Honours

University of Tasmania

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The Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with Honours provides students with advanced knowledge and scientific training in a specialised area of marine and / or Antarctic science; training in research as preparation for employment in a research organisation or for postgraduate study in Masters or PhD programs; and equips students with knowledge, skills, competencies and awareness in preparation for employment in industry. The degree is fully equivalent to an honours degree with any other University School and satisfies the usual eligibility requirements for research higher degrees and postgraduate scholarships. The program can be taken in one year full-time or two years part-time study. Students can commence the program in either semester 1 or semester 2.

Graduates will:

1. Be able to locate, evaluate and synthesize published information within a prescribed field of knowledge.

2. Be able to understand and identify core concepts and key issues within the marine or Antarctic environment.


3. Gain experience of literature research methods and tools, data collection and analysis, and relevant field and/or laboratory techniques.

4. Possess sufficient research and/or technical skills to allow them to complete an in-depth research study in a specialized area related to the marine and/or Antarctic environments.

5. Be able to communicate research concepts and findings in a logical manner, in a variety of written and oral forms commonly used by professionals.


6. Be capable of writing a research proposal or scientific (natural or social) report/paper to a standard acceptable to a funding body and a peer-reviewed journal.

7. Be able to deliver a presentation to a standard required for a meeting of an Australian professional society.

8. Have the capacity to develop a coherent argument and defend a position or outcome supported by evidence based on published literature and/or research data.


9. Have the ability to plan and conduct a program of research investigating a defined problem or question within constraints imposed by time, money and technical resources.

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