Forty Seven

We are seeking a highly talented and motivated scientist with a strong immunology and/or cancer biology background. The successful candidate will help advance the company’s drug research pipeline and contribute across different stages of pre-clinical drug discovery and clinical development to identify and develop new immuno-oncology targets.

Tasks and Responsbilities

Generate and characterize monoclonal antibodies and select lead candidates for therapeutic development

Apply cutting edge in vitro and in vivo immunology and oncology methodologies to evaluate activity and mechanism(s) of antibody therapeutics

Maintain an up-to-date understanding of relevant technical literature and methodology

Present data at project team meetings and seminars to drive recommendations for drug discovery and/or development decisions

Play a key role in the decision-making process on cross-functional project teams; provide core expertise and input on scientific direction

Preferred Background

Ph.D. in Immunology, Cancer Biology, Cell Biology

Broad understanding of drug discovery and development

Experience in flow-cytometry based analysis and assays

Experience in immuno-oncology methods, including in vivo tumor models

Experience with basic molecular biology techniques such as cloning and gene editing

Track record of scientific accomplishments as evinced by quality and quantity of publications and/or inventions and/or successful grant applications

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Executive / senior industry position


North America

Menlo Park , United States


United States

Menlo Park


Executive / senior industry position