Research Scientist, Cancer Biology/Immunology

Arch Oncology

Researcher / analyst

The Arch Oncology research labs are located in the Cortex Innovation Community in St. Louis, MO, near the Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis University. Arch Oncology also has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. This  position will be located in St. Louis.

Reports To

Senior Scientist, Research

Job Description and Responsibilities

Design and perform a variety of in vitro cell based assay experiments with tumor and immune cells to demonstrate functional characterisitics of antibodies.

Perform other standard molecular, biochemical and biologic techniques associated with in vitro characterization of anti-cancer antibodies (ex. Flow cytometry, ELISA, Western Blotting, Cloning etc.).

Identify and initiate development of potential biomarker assays for translation to clinical studies.

Evaluate potential CROs for assay development capabilities and work with translational medicine to transfer assays to CRO for further development and validation.

Interface with the translational team to ensure study alignment with clinical path.

Present at laboratory  group meetings and external scientific meetings and provide. materials/slides for other scientists at project presentations.

Maintain a command of relevant scientific literature.

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Researcher / analyst


Brisbane , United States